Children of Heaven Essay

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*How do the main characters in Paradise Now succumb to the idea of fate and destiny, and in what ways do they take control of their own lives? How does this contribute to the resolution of the movie? The two friends Khaled and Said believe it is God’s will that they die for their land, though their friend Suha thinks there is a more peaceful way to reach equality; however, Khaled and Said make two very different decisions at the end of the film. Khaled and Said, two Palestinians, were recruited to launch a suicide attack in Israel. They feel oppressed, humiliated, and imprisoned by the Israeli occupation in the West Bank, and want to join the movement to take action against their oppressors. They are fitted with explosive belts and are instructed to pose as settlers going to Tel Aviv, and detonate them there. When crossing the fence between Palestine and Israel, the two are separated and only Khaled returns to their handlers to remove the bomb. He leaves to search for Said, and meets up with their friend Suha along the way. She learns of their plan and is outraged, and she has a heated discussion about it with Khaled. He tells her that there is no other way out from under the oppressive Israelis, and that Israel’s solution to the violence is either to “accept inferiority or … be killed.” She insists that there must be another way, saying that if they can “kill and die for equality” then they “should be able to find a way to be equal in life,” and Khaled develops some doubts about their mission. The two eventually find Said, but he and Khaled agree to complete their mission in Tel Aviv. Khaled backs out at the last minute, but Said, who believes “you cannot alter your fate, there is no other way, it’s God’s will,” decides to continue on by himself, and is shown getting on a bus and presumably detonating his explosives in the last scene of the film. Though both

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