Children Of A Divorced Nation Essay

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Bob Colston Essay Assignment Psych 310: Dr. David Brown 14 April 2010 Children of a Divorced Nation Whether a divorce is good or bad, nearly half of all marriages in today’s modern age end in divorce. Divorce has become an unquestionable remedy for the miserably married. Marriage is viewed liked a magazine subscription in today’s world. If you no longer care for the magazine you are receiving, simply cancel it and subscribe to another one. Currently, our nation is leading the world in a column I am not proud, the divorce rate! Every year in the US approximately one million children experience divorce which, is about one in every three children (Amato 21). The effects of divorce can and are definitely painful for both children and adults. Approximately 15 to 20 percent of all children in divorced families will experience first hand more than once, one or both parents divorce twice or even three times before they reach the age of 18. I have often been asked how long I have been married and when I reply, “22 years”, I get the response, “Wow or that is impressive or out of the norm!” Unfortunately, divorce in our country has become all too common. A staggering fifty percent of all marriages will end in divorce and the ones who are caught in the middle and often suffer the most are the children. Children left in the aftermath of a divorce are at a higher risk of developing behavioral, social, academic, and psychological problems than children raised in two-parent families. Researchers using demographics predict (guess) that by the beginning of the next decade, a majority of children under the age eighteen will have a period in their childhood where they will belong to a single parent home. There are many reasons why this could happen, but the number one reason this why this frustration could come about is DIVORCE! During this confusing time period of

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