Children Obesity Essay

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Seminole State College of Florida Children Obesity Bita Hatami Diet Trophy and Nutrition 2202 Bita Hatami Professor: Cynthia Pike Course: HUN 2202 June 26. 2014 Children Obesity During the past decades there has been a growing rate of childhood obesity in the United States. Overweight children are at danger of becoming overweight in their adulthood. Nowadays, many children spend a lot of time watching television, playing video games, plus eating sugary and fatty foods. These factors have significantly contributed to growing rate of overweight children. Also, eating snakes and ready foods are cheaper than fruit and vegetables. Process foods are more selected instead of homemade food in today’s lifestyle. Eating healthy is a sure way to fight off obesity. According to Kaplan ( 1998), “ children learn to eat the wrong foods and consume empty calories from junk food each day”(p.218). The parents that just sit on the couch eating chips are an example for children. According to Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee from an article written by Karen Tumulty,” the generation of young American being brought into this world today is being expected to have a shorter life span than their parents and even their grandparents” (Tumulty, 2006). Children aren’t being pushed to eat their fruits, vegetables, and many other things that are needed for a healthy diet. As children get older, they won’t know how to make the right choices between healthy snacks and junk food. Inactivity is another obvious factor for children obesity. Parents are scared to let their children play at parks or streets and

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