Children in the Sindh Province Face Biting Essay

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| Children in the Sindh Province of Pakistan face biting poverty. An estimated 60,000 work in hazardous labour such as carpet weaving, brick kilns, mining, and road construction and in agriculture. Contractors who lend money to families target children, resulting in bonded labour. | TRDP Child Right Unit (CRU) expand its work on child Rights in July 2007 from two districts (Tharparkar & Umerkot) to four districts (Tharparkar, Umerkot, Dadu & Jamshoro) in Sindh and from a focus on carpet weaving to all major forms of hazardous labour in the region. This is working to remove over 20000 children from hazardous labour & enrol them in schools. The TRDP Child Rights Unit provides poor families livelihood so that they can remove their children from work and provides education support so that children enrol and remain in schools to receive a quality education. TRDP Child Rights Unit also ensures these children to have the opportunity to continue to secondary education or to gain vocational skills. Families are supporting to develop new sources of income, including through co-operatives to produce and export carpets and other goods. TRDP has good networking with the government to extend these programmes to benefit many more children and families. As a result children gain freedom from poverty and labour, and have the opportunity for a better future. Advocacy and campaign enable children throughout Sindh to benefit from the solutions identified and influence national debate. The whole work is to be done by focusing on girls and women and ensuring their participation. | | Facilitating community- men, women and the children in organizing themselves in Para/Village Development Committees to assess the needs and priorities in order to develop a cohesive plan of action at village level. The formation of committees involves a process of identifying

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