Children In Paid Work

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As the controversy about children in paid works becomes a debated issue across the world nowadays, some people count paid works as a valuable experience for children, while others consider it as an exploitation of children. Then, why they say so? Those who agree believe that paid works can help children learn about responsibility and develop particular skills that will give benefit for them in the future. On the other side, others who disagree oppose paid works for children because it may cause them to lose their rights to enjoy their childhood and their chances to study as well as their peer. Thus, which one is right? In my point of view, children should not be engaged in some kinds of paid work. Childhood is a wonderful time, where children can enjoy their time to study or play with their playmate as they wish. However, current reality has shown that many children cannot enjoy their childhood because they are engaged in some kinds of paid works. Those kinds of paid works also decrease children’s enthusiasm to study, while actually their main duty is to study, not to work. Dr. Unifah Rasyidi, M.Pd, the leader of PGRI once stated the relevant fact about it. She explained that some children even leave their class and then drop out from school because they feel satisfied for their income for those works and after that they will trap as permanent workers. She also gave the outcome study of child workers that was conducted in five regions of Indonesia, namely South Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and West Papua shows that children aged 9-15 years involved in various types of work which is bad for physical health, mental and sexual. The worst fact is that most of them finally drop out from school because of their works. Another aspect for my reason is that children need to enjoy their childhood for their psychological development. However some parents do not
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