Children in Foster Care Essay

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System Theory Anna Meece Eastern Kentucky University Introduction My At-Risk population is the children in foster care but not only are they in foster care these are the children that nobody wants. The boys and girls are older ages are harder to adopt because not many people want to take them. The only reason they get out of the system is by aging out of on rare occasions of going home, but that’s doesn’t happen often .They are an At-Risk population because there are so many of them right not in the system that it is getting to be an epidemic. Too many are going in and not enough are coming out. Sure they get placed in a very loving foster home but that foster home is not a pre adaptive one so they don’t get to know what a forever family gets to feel like because they are lost in the system. The populations that you are reading about despite the fact of being a boy or a girl are typically White, Black, or Hispanic. This person can also range in age from birth to about 19. Most children are taken out of their home because of maltreatment. The demographics of these children is typically sad because once they are in the system they live their whole life in and out of it. The average age of children in the system is 10 years old. The average amount of time stayed by each child is about one to two years (Wildeman & Emanuel, 2014). Issues of concern are that these children are simply getting lost in the system because even though their foster parents care, biological parents care in some twisted way, but also the state cares too they are just way too busy to address the issues and they fall through the cracks. Another issue I am having does not know if the states know if they have taken on too much and they don’t have enough workers. One article talked about in the beginning they just took children away and then left them in limbo but I feel like sometimes
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