Children Diagnosed and Treated for Adha Essay

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Among the behavioral disorders that are commonly diagnosed amongst school age children is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. According to the CDC in 2011 6.4 million children between the ages of 4-17 years old were diagnosed with ADHD within the United States. There are some parents who do not like to medicate their children with the medications that they prescribe for ADHD. So over the years there have been researches done on children to see what other ways there are to help children without medicating them. One of the ways that they have found to be helpful is with children that routinely attend yoga classes on a regular basis. Yoga teaches children how to relax and stay focused when needed. A research was performed on a randomly selected group of 1120 children ages 4-17 to see if yoga alone, medications alone or both medications and yoga could help children with ADHD be controlled. But they also went a step further to see if there was a difference with these different techniques according to the child’s gender. In order to do this they decided to use a stratified sampling method because they wanted to make sure they were looking at those children in low, medium and higher income levels because their treatment plans could be different. At a=0.05 is there enough evidence to calculate that yoga, medications or yoga and medications together were better controlled according to ones gender? The researchers decided to use the test for independence because this is a random sample and the expected frequency is > than 5. They randomly picked 531 males and 589 females that were all on either medications, yoga or medications with yoga to come up with their research outcome. They found that there was 160 males and 171 females that were going to yoga on a routine bases only to see if their ADHD was controlled. There next group was those that were only on

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