Children as Vulnerablevictims

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Course Code: CMY 3705 Assignment No. 02 Unique Code:73002 Semester 2. Children as vulnerable victims Index: Page: Definitions 3 Introduction 4 Topic 1: Sexual exploitation 4 1.1 Trafficking and exploitation 5 1.2 Internet exploitation 7 1.3 Survival sex and child sex tourism 7 Topic 2: Street children in Africa 8 Topic 3: Child labour on Africa 9 Topic 4: Child soldiers 10 Conclusion 11 List of references 12 Annexure A 13 Annexure B 14 Annexure C 15 Annexure D 16 Annexure E 17 Annexure F 18 Definitions: “Commercial sexual exploitation of children” – a transaction ( for financial gain or otherwise stipulated) that involves the sexual use of a minor, be it for pornography, sexual intercourse, prostitution and where a child is used as a sexual object. ”Abuse” – the use or mistreatment of a minor against their will or without their uncoerced consent. ” Minor” – any child under the legal age as defined by the laws of the government. Normally 18years and younger. “Victim” – someone who has suffered a loss of any kind or who has suffered at the hands of another person, or who has been unwillingly exposed to an act of abuse of some kind. “Physical abuse” – the actual or intended physical harm, which is normally within self-control of a parent or a person who is in power or who is responsible for a minor, inflicted on a minor. This can be a single event or repeated events. “Emotional abuse” – this includes the lack of responsibility to provide a safe haven for a minor from any emotional or social abuse. This includes name calling, belittleling, threatening, scaring, ridiculing, rejection or
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