Children Are No Longer Children. Discuss.

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Children are no longer children. Discuss. Childhood is generally considered to be either a natural biological stage of development or a modern idea or invention. Theories of childhood are concerned with what a child is, the nature of childhood, the purpose or function of childhood, and how the notion of the child or childhood is used in society. The concept of childhood, like any invention, was forged from a potent relationship between ideas and technologies within a frame of social, political, and economic needs. In the 1800's, at the beginning of the industrial revolution, the notion of childhood was next to non-existant. Families moving from out of rural areas into quickly expanding cities found themselves most oftenly very poorly off. This meant that they did whatever they thought possible to have as much of an income as possible. One way in which they achieved this was by having many children. This way, they could be sent out to work at a young age and bring in money to the household. Subsequently, there wasn't a 'childhood' as such, as children were essentially considered to be smaller versions of adults. They would be fed the same food as them from a very early age, they would wear clothes that were just old clothes from siblings, mirroring the image of the normal working class. This was until education was introduced, and made compulsory. This education drove a wedge between childhood and adulthood, making the period of being a child more distinguishable. Children since then have become more and more of a protected demographic of society. Through new government policies such as The Child Protection Act [2004], based on the Children Act [1989], children are being protected against violence and sexual abuse. Alongside of this, compulsory education and restrictions on the amount of work a child can do have also protected and defined the period we
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