Children Are Easy Prey For The Advertising Industry. Essay

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Parents know the situation: On the breakfast table the shouting is loud, because the cornflakes don’t correspond to the brand, which the children know from the television. All arguments to make the other product tasty are useless and in the end the parents decide to buy in future the cornflakes, the children want to have. Infants see advertisement everywhere. They are seen like independent consumers by the advertising industry. They are easy to enthuse, because they are open for new things and a lot of them are very brand-conscious. I hold the view that this is the reason why advertisement has so much influence on the children. Surely another reason is that infants and young people have the wish to be accepted by people in the same age, because of the lifestyle or trend which is propagate by the advertisement. No wonder the advertising industry has developed a certain strategy to appeal to their target group children. Children of today have a lot of money from their parents and that means they have very much purchasing power. Additional the children often have a lot of influence on the purchasing decision of their parents and so they are important consumers for the advertising industry. I think that for children in pre-school and elementary-school age advertisement on TV is only entertainment. They can’t look through the aims of ads. The majority of commercials show children in very young age, who take part in the spots, only to attract to the uncritical infants. Beside this, for many children it is difficult to distinguish between the programme and the advertisement. Only with increasingly age and education children can judge the aims of the advertisement and the advertisement itself. The most important strategy of the advertising industry is to use persons and figures, who are relevant in the media, as publicity representative. In my opinion this

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