Children and Young Persons Development 0-19years Essay

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Module 201-Assignment 005 Child and young person’s development Table 1-Physical development Age range | Description of stage | An example of how this impacts on another aspect of development | 0-3 months | May lift head unsteadily. Hands held Mainly in fists. Tight hand grasp. Head And eyes move together. Cries | Emotional –alert, gazes intently at carers | 3-6 months | Can use arms for support when lying on stomach. Can turn from back to side. Will sit upright if adequately supported and propped. Hands mainly open. Will hold onto and shake small objects. Babbles | Intellectual –begins to repeat simple acts.Emotional – smiles and engages carers.Physical-gaining more movement | 6-9 months | Sits steadily. Makes efforts to move independently by crawling or shuffling. Uses pincer grip(index & middle finger). Will take and hold small brick. Shrieks and squeals. | Intellectual – curiosity and wonder in new events and objects.Physical – moves independently to or hold item of interest.Emotional – able to interact with carer | 9-12 months | May walk holding onto furniture. Can stand alone. Falls easily and cannot negotiate obstacles. Enjoys self feeding and can sometimes hold a large piece of jigsaw. Understands simple instructions. | Emotional – gaining independence to explore, although can want closeness of carer.Intellectual – exploratory play due to walking etc. aware of own name. | 1-2 years | Usually walking steadily. Climbs onto furniture. Can try to kick a ball, may show left or right preference. Squats to pick up toys. Can hold crayons and enjoys scribbling. Can use spoon. 6-10 recognizable words. Enjoys repetitive songs. | Emotional – developed separate sense of self. Dislikes being separated from carer and changes in routine.Physical – growing independence.Intellectual –pretend play, enjoys books with pictures. | | | | 2-4 years |
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