Children and Young Peoples Workforce Early Learning and Childcare Unit 1

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Unit 1: Understanding the child and Young person Development TASK 1.1: Explain the sequence and rate of each development from birth-19 year. Children develop in continuous process and there are ways to measure it, although children develop at different rate, the sequence of their development is more or less is the same as they need to develop one skill before moving on to another one. There are four main areas of development in a child’s life from birth to the age of 19. The sequence of the different aspect of development is: Language development Physical development, Social and Emotional development, Intellectual development and The rates of development: Social and emotional development takes place at much faster pace in the age group of 7-12 years even though babies start to respond to carers or the mothers’ voices and faces. Children under the age of seven in general learn to share and take the responsibilities but taking turns in group activities could be challenging at times and need adult’s assistances to resolve the disputes. As the children progress into teens ages 12-19, they become more independent and start distancing themselves from their adults and finding more comfort and acceptances among their friends and same age groups’ peers. The physical development starts rapidly in the beginning of the child’s development. Within few weeks of birth, the child begins to respond to the sound of the environment around them. By the time the child becomes 1 year, it start beginning to crawl, to stand with the support and the first teeth might start appearing too. In the age group of 3-7years the physical development increases and the child is more active and has learnt to jumping, walking, climbing, peddling, hopping, skipping, cycling confidentially. From the ages of 12-19 the child stops growing and the only changes are visible in the appearance

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