Children and Young People Workforce

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Understand the importance of equality and inclusion. OUTCOME 1: Diversity means difference. People may think that we all look the same or act the same but we are all unique and different in our different ways. Diversity is about how we recognise difference and how difference should be valued in a way the everybody is treated equally. Diversity consists of both visible and non visible characteristics such as things like their backgrounds, culture, where and how they work as well as things such as race, disability, sexuality, gender, religion and beliefs. By recognising people’s differences and valuing them means we can make everybody feel valued and treated equally. Equality means that we treat people in a way that makes them equal and in a way that is appropriate for their individual needs. Peoples individual needs have to be met for example a disabled woman would need wheelchair access for going up and down buildings for work, and a woke setting with no stairs lifts of lifts would not be meeting their needs and this would be classed as discrimination. Inclusion is when we allow people equal rights and access to a certain service no matter what their gender, disability, beliefs, religion and sexuality. As an example individuals with a disability will need to be allocated for such as disabled toilers, ramps to an entrance/exit and widening doors. Also employers can include everybody by providing adequate facilities for their employees to peruse their religion without hindrance. Discrimination is how we treat different individuals. People with individual needs have to be treated in a way that appoints their needs. If we don’t meet their needs and people are left out it is classed as discrimination. Direct discrimination within a setting is when policies which are applied and their so people receive the best possible care are not followed which reduces the care
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