Children and Young People Essay

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2.4 All settings should have clear policies and procedures in place including all aspects of health and safety. Some checks, such as electrical equipment being checked by a qualified electrician every year, are a legal requirement. Other checks include examining all equipment, rooms and toys to make sure everything is working, safe, clean and good to use. If there was an accident and there had been no health and safety checks carried out, there could be serious implications. Childcare setting, play schemes, childminder’s, nursery’s etc all have visitors on most days, so anyone running a childcare service needs to make sure that visitors are not put in any danger in any way. It is also important that visitors/guests follow the settings safety guidance which is in place to protect everyone. Any employees will be given clear instructions on health and safety guidelines when they are first employed and will probably have a copy of the policy or access to policies to review when every needed. Other people who may enter the setting could include a workman, plumber, electrician etc. need to be given some information depending on several things such as: How long they will be in the setting Where they will be in the setting What they are in the setting to do If they will come into contact with any children or young people If a visitor is there to service the boiler for example, they may need to be in some areas of the setting so will need a quick briefing on personal safety and explained why they will need to have a member of staff with them at all times. All visitors will need to sign in and out of a visitor book to record the fact they were in the setting. Identify sources of current guidance for planning healthy and safe environment and services. Current guidance is readily available to look up for any advice there are a number of ways to find information
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