Children and Television Essay

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Children’s Health Risks to Watching Television Parents should be concerned about their children watching too much television and whether or not it has certain effects on their health. Children who spend the majority of their childhood sitting in front of the television are more susceptible to developing mental and physical distress. Active parenting can mitigate the effects. Not all television has negative side effects, but it can be dangerous to our children’s health, that means physical or mental illnesses. Physical illness is towards obesity and sleep problems, mental illness is violence and their social behavior. Does watching television like the discovery or history channels have positive effects? And how should we limit watching too much television? Can television affect my child’s health? Does it affect performance in school? What about children’s attitudes? Watching television has consequences like: obesity, attention disorders, phobias, sleep disorders, and behavioral problems. Those are just some of the consequences that television can cause people to have. In the article “Television and children”, Odland, J. (2004) said that “The national survey of more than 1,000 parents found that one in four children under the age of 2 has a television in his/her bedroom and 43 percent watch television on a daily basis. It also was reported that children age 6 or younger spend about the same amount of time each day (about two hours) using a computer, watching television, or playing video games as they do playing outdoors-and considerably more time than they spend reading or being read to each day (34 minutes). These survey results show that children under the age of 6 are far more "media savvy" than previously thought.” With this survey it shows how much people do not monitor their children with television or any other electronics. Children do not have the

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