Children And Divorce Essay

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Children and Divorce 1 Running Head: CHILDREN AND DIVORCE Helping Children Cope with Divorce Children and Divorce 2 Helping Children Cope with Divorce Introduction Divorce affects nearly 1.5 million children each year in our country. It has been documented that divorce may create negative effects on children involved. Children of divorce are more likely to exhibit mental health problems, low academic achievement, and higher level of drug use than non divorced counterparts. (Anderson, Dawson-McClure, Greene, Haine, Hipke, Millsap, Plummer, Sandler & Wolchik, 2002) Children spend the majority of their time in the school setting. They develop relationships with peers and school personnel. Beekman (1986) points out that schools can represent on stable force in the children’s lives during the family transition, and school personnel can help them cope with the effects of divorce. In the present paper, the role of school based interventions to help children cope with family transitions is investigated. It is hypothesized that children of divorce will exhibit more positive outcomes following an extensive school based intervention. The following literature reviews attempt to demonstrate and support the hypothesis. Review of Literature There are several approaches that are beneficial to the child and the family through the transition of divorce. One way is to focus on helping the child’s parents during the separation. Some parents are so preoccupied with the child’s suffering, they disregard their own needs. Often times, the parents will turn to teachers for help because they spend most of the day with their children. Often children will exhibit signs of regression and withdraw from activities that they once enjoyed. Teachers are the individuals that may give input on the child’s behavior in Children and Divorce 3 the classroom. Brodkin

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