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Nicole Cabral A. Eidenmuller Engl&103 Oct 1, 2011 Participation in Extracurricular Activities: Should be a requirement for all Kids There is a lot of controversy in America today about how children should be raised, as well as how they should be influenced. It is safe to say all teachers and parents want the same for their children, and that is for them to be smart, healthy, happy, and to grow up to become a successful well-rounded human being. However, there is no way to guarantee that for every child. Unfortunately, children are still exposed to involvement with gangs, drugs, along with multiple other negative influences and bad habits. There are an estimated 50,000 children and youth who are gang members in the city of Los Angeles alone. (Rogers 1). How can parents and teachers help children to avoid these temptations? Well unfortunately there is no for sure solution to this problem as well as nothing that can promise parents and teachers that their child will not be one of those 50,000 children. According to Freitag, youth that are involved in structured extracurricular activities show less involvement in delinquent behavior, have improved academic outcomes, show a greater probability of attending college and benefit from other positive developmental outcomes such as developing social connections because of their participation (Freitag 1). Therefore, all children should be required to participate in extra-curricular activities, as it will help them become more social, they will be less likely to become addicted to bad habits, make them healthier both mentally and physically, and it will help with their academic achievement. If a child is battling with social anxiety in school this could be a barrier to learning (Cowden 1). School is a social place and to experience anxiety around peers can make it hard for a student to focus on school academics. “Social

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