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1.What feature can be used in creating a folder leaflet with MS Word? Column 2.Which of the following tasks may not be performed by a personal computer? (a) Medication (b) Modeling weather (c) Breaking secret codes 3. Which of the following is one of the reasons why there is no sound produced while a presentation is showing? No appropriate supported sound format 4. What is/are the most common communication media for Internet connection? (a) wireless (b) telephone line (c) cable TV line 5. What type of network should be setup for sharing a printer with many workstations? Client to server network 6. What is the use of CC header when you composite an email? backup copy 7. What are junk mails? unwanted emails 8. Give To: Ada, Cc: Bruce and Bcc: Candy in an email header, how many persons will receive this email? 3 9. An email address is a combination of __________ and _______________ that identifies a user so that he or she can receive Internet e-mail. a user name; a domain name 10. What media will be used by fiber optic cable to carry information? Light 11. Which of the following device does not have any moving part? USB storage 12. Which of the following media is a solid-state storage? USB drive 13. Which of the following is an advantage of using a CD as a storage medium? It is a random access storage medium. 14. Why do you need to save information to a secondary storage? (d) Secondary storage will keep the data permanently after you shut down a computer 15. Microsoft Excel is a kind of ____________ software. application 16. Microsoft Excel is a kind of ____________ software. (c) spreadsheet 17. The ________ function displays the highest value in a range. (c) MAX 18. The _____ function determines the lowest number in a range. (d) MIN 19. The _____ is the small black square

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