Childless-Workless-Worthless? Futures and Environments of Our Children Essay

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[pic] [pic] Communication Childless-Workless-Worthless? Futures and Environments of our Children Juergen Bilger 1,* 1 M.D., Pediatrician, Environmental Medicine, Psychotherapy 30659 Hannover., Gartenheimstr. 31 , Germany * Tel.: +49/511/651248 Fax:+49/511/651249 Accepted/Published: Abstract: In Europe decreasing birthrates (additionally ageing ) and diminishing classical work and employmentrates (i.p.. for the youth) seem to destabilise, even devaluate our future and our offspring (i.p. young males).The conventional solutions "growth" seem to be restricted structurally : Childlessness (decreasing birthrates) as consequence of women´s good education, employment and contraception appears hardly reversible. Joblessness (decreasing work) too is structurally driven by innovation, capitalisation and globalisation. Worthless (changing old values), even ill will feel our European children (i.p. sons) if they thus grow up isolated with psycho-social disturbances , marginalized from work, economics and politics and overburdened by debts, entitlements and environments. “Radical Loosers” like they should cause fear similarly to that for other ( islamic, over)- populations. Other fears : f.i. for (self-)extinction, for (islamic) colonization, for (economical) pauperisation and for loss of (material) power leads to the standard answer : Growth ! Nevertheless environment, sustainability and posterity would profit most from these "natural" trends of shrinking population, work and consumption. Keywords: Childless, Workless, Changing Values, Environments, Economic Growth , Shrinking 1. Childlessness (cln) Data, suggesting secular decline in birth-rates at least in the first world, are contradictory( 1,2,3).

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