Childhood vs Adulthood

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Every stage of life has its own sets of rule and happiness and we must simply learn to get accustom to it as we grow old. We are born as babies, grow as a child, turn adults and finally reach old age. When are little children, we longed for the freedom that adults enjoyed but never think of the additional responsibilities that accompanies adulthood. Childhood and adulthood are the two most important stages of life as the rest of our life highly depends on the developments in these two phases. Let us compare the two most important stages of life, childhood and adulthood. As a child, making friends was easy and fun and playing with them the whole day was much more fun. There was no worrying about the tacky lines or competition about buying the latest smartphone. It was all about study and play. Although exams were tough and scary, but when compared to long presentations they seemed very simple. Besides, no one tried to act cool or over smart and even made up easily after a huge fight. Adulthood is all about attending conferences, presentations, and boring office meetings. It is more about being ahead than your friends in terms of salary and designation. Adults are trapped in the race of competition. Besides, making up after a fight takes days and sometimes even years to let go and forgive. When you are a child, you always think of enjoying the freedom of going anywhere with your friends as adults do. But you have to follow certain rules and regulations and play around the restricted area. This can be enjoyed when have grown up and understand your own responsibility and capable of taking care. You can hang around with friends and enjoy roaming wherever you wish to. As a child, the energy is boundless. You are not tired of playing all day long or after few activities. As an adult, you get tired easily. After the long working day at office, you only look

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