Childhood Regrets Essay

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My childhood was a very interesting and adventurous journey but filled with a lot of regrets: like being stuck in the fridge for an astonishing three long and cold hours. Walking to Chili’s alone across a busy road when I was only three years old. And making my house filled with bubbles. It all started off being an infant born in Denton on August 16th, 1995 at exactly 8:45:26 A.M. My parents, being immigrants from India, our family had practically nothing. We were just a regular family in America living the dream. My parents started off with a regularly – sized motel in Denton; it still resides there as of date, but it’s an America’s Best Value Inn instead. As every adult would say to every kid in the world; to study, life ahead of you is going to be tough and will be a long adventure. Parents and relatives would tell their kids that Elementary is important, Middle School is important, and High School is important. As every kid would do I ignored them, I never took into consideration that reading is fundamental or the better you do in school, the better your life will be. As years passed by I never listened to my parents educational wise, they would tell me to read every day for at least fifteen minutes. I never did that; I would doze off and get distracted by the smallest things. Me being and Indian my parents expected the most out of me, they wanted me to get all A’s they never took an 89 or a B as an exception. If I got below a A I would get a ferocious spanking with a stick by my mom, for me Elementary School went by amazingly fast I got all A’s and did immensely great. For fourth, fifth, and sixth grade my parents sent me to India to get more knowledge of my religion and how and where it originated from. They wanted me to learn the language fluently and know where it derived from. After I came back to America from India I had to finish Middle School and

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