Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography By Tracy Garrett English 122 Professor Pearson Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography Tracy Pp.1 Childhood Obesity: “A Serious Problem” CBS Worldwide Inc. of May 2002 17 Nov 2008 (http://64233.169.104/Search? Health/main507774.Shtmitdiseases+caused+by+childhood+obesitydhl=en&cd+14q1=457 Childhood obesity results in many health problems. These health problems are causing health care costs of hospitals to rise. Therefore, not only is obesity dangerous but becoming very expensive. Statistics are given a decade old to ponder on how much the health care costs of childhood obesity has risen and will even more likely to be implemented. Convincing people that both childhood obesity and health…show more content…
A compelling statement provided by the article is that “Children ages six and eleven are the ones who are gaining large amounts of Annotated Bibliography Tracy Pp.2 weight.” The Institute of Medicine is sending out the message for this group of children who are victims of obesity that have more than tripled in the last thirty years. In using these sources it starts to strengthen a voice on why childhood obesity should be fading. Relevant causes of childhood obesity will also help because after stating facts and causes of childhood obesity each cause one by one. Childhood obesity increases each year and I understand because after studying the trend and the causes if it is not stopped it will be a bigger epidemic than we can handle. Levine, Susan and Rob Stein, “Obesity Threatens a Generation”: Washington Post 17 May 2008 17 Nov 2008
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