Childhood Obesity And The Media Essay

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Introduction state “Obesity is the state of being seriously overweight - to a degree that affects your health. Obesity in childhood is linked to many health complications and tends to indicate the child will be obese as an adult. It is very concerning as childhood obesity is increasing.” (Accessed 03.01.2011) This statement concludes that childhood obesity is on the rise and is becoming a serious problem. Children are consuming too much high fat and sugar foods which are readily available to them and were advertised a lot on Television between children’s television programs. Fast food outlets such as McDonalds are in nearly every town in the UK, selling meals that include toys for children and advertising this on television. Children can be easily influenced by what they see around them, be it their piers, friends, parents, and television advertisements; but who ultimately decides what a child consumes? A Big Problem As childhood obesity has become such a big problem in the UK the advertising standards authority have stepped in to contribute in helping the problem, as adverts alone do not encourage children to eat unhealthily they will not help the situation either. Adverts can easily influence anyone to buy a product they do not need, but children are especially vulnerable. G Branston and R Stafford state that “Children are important to advertisers and the new television service providers. Advertisers want to reach parents as consumers (possibly via the ‘pester power’ of children wanting specific products seen on television). They also want to engage older children – the future consumers.” (G Branston and R Stafford, 2010, p 268). This statement suggests that children will nag their parents for something they have seen on television which has appealed to them. A sweet little face and puppy dog eyes can easily make a parent give in to

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