Childhood Obesity and Diabetes Essay

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Increasing levels of childhood obesity and an increasing levels of diabetes, is cause for concern for all concerned. Obesity among children alone is not causing reasons to worry in the states, but being accompanied by increasing levels of incipient Type 1 diabetes is a growing concern among many. The point of this argument is whether control measures are the sole responsibility of parents or the government has a role to play in response. My argument is in favor of the role of government in response to this issue. Obesity refers to unwanted extra body weight than the calculated body weight for a healthy person. It is calculated on the basis of the BMI (Body Mass Index) by calculating the height to weight ratio defined for all age groups. The reason behind the growing obesity rate is the unhealthy living habits among the Americans. The fast food culture and involvement in less physical activities in the digital age is the reason responsible for the spread of this epidemic. The seriousness of the matter is that it is not just the obesity problem raising concerns, but obesity being the root cause of many other diseases is making the conditions worse. Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart related diseases come as extra package with the Obesity. The concern in this regard is not of the parents alone, but that of the government too, to ensure healthy living habits and prevent popularity of unhealthy fast food intake among the citizens. It is true that the eating habit among the children is the result of the parental influences which shape their habits as youths. The choice of infant feeding methods, the type of food they are accessible to and how much time do they spend unsupervised eating out. Sometimes, parents’ themselves show negligence and are not concerned regarding the eating habits of their children. People

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