Childhood Obesity Essay

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Running Head: CHILDHOOD OBESITY Consequences and Prevention of Childhood Obesity Lisa Gillen ENG 122 Instructor Hilger May 23, 2011 Childhood Obesity All parents want their children to be happy and healthy. All parents want their children to be strong, smart and to have lots of friends. Unfortunately, according to an article in the American Medical Association, nearly twenty percent of out nations children are considered obese. (Van Cleave, MD, 2010) This number, according to the New England Journal Of Medicine, has nearly tripled since 1950. (N Engl J Med 2010) These children, according to a recent study from the New England Journal Of Medicine, are at great risk of heart disease, diabetes, and a multitude of other major illness that no child should ever have to go threw. (NEngl J Med 2010) The message is clear, we must stop childhood obesity before it ever begins. Parents, schools, doctors, and researchers must all do their part to prevent and stop this tragic epidemic from going on any longer. Researchers at the NEJM have proven that 90 percent of all obese children stay obese their entire lives and have a much shorter life expectancy of that of people of a normal weight. (Franks, Ph.D, 2010). Obesity related deaths have reached an all time high, according to the same study by Dr. Franks. Tragically 2,700 of

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