Childhood Obesity Essay

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Chrystal Halbert Eve Tongdaeng Larry Mitchell Research Introduction Political Inquiry and Analyses Dr. Bernick Childhood Obesity: Policy Effectiveness and Overview The topic we have chosen to research is policy effectiveness in regards to childhood obesity. Obesity in children is becoming an increasingly alarming subject due to the sheer number of American children affected by the disease. The medical community has brought attention to the issue and many are eager to find the root causes and ways to circumvent the consequences. Research on the issue has pointed to numerous possible causes such as the relation to sugary drinks for example. There are also several publications outlining a number of negative health effects related to the subject. The First Lady Michelle Obama also regards the childhood obesity in America as an important social problem. Recently, she began her big push with a campaign called "Let's Move." This national campaign is designed to combat childhood obesity, emphasizing new initiatives to promote biking and walking alongside a strong focus on healthier food options in schools. This campaign is also encouraging women to breast-feed their children as an obesity preventative, re-authorizing and expanding the Child Nutrition Act. The first lady is tackling childhood obesity head-on and with effective policy, so can we. Over all, childhood obesity is an issue that needs to be addressed and approached with new and inventive ideas in order to see a positive change. It is important to watch carefully policies that have been implemented to search out effectiveness and steer new policies in the effective direction. The magnitude of the problem impacts all Americans and upcoming Americans. Overweight children not only have increased physical health problems it also takes a heavy toll on their mental health. All this

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