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Childhood Obesity Essay

  • Submitted by: raulyboy
  • on February 15, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Raul Rodriguez
AP Lang / Comp
Period 4

Childhood Obesity

      The young pre-teenager in the school environment is a peculiar niche in this evolutionary world. However, the media has crafted a rather treacherous few stereotypes, which may hold some truth, since the pre-pubescent brain is surely one of an imbalance in more disarray than our own governing body. For example, it can be agreed that the majority of teens is a bunch who loves to rebel, especially against the good tax-payers’ money, to which is meant the public school system. The word “school” in itself, is a common psychological stimulus for pain and agony in children nationwide. It is a thing of fear in the eyes of most students, and for this very reason no sort of government or teaching establishment should be held responsible, nay liable, for the weight of our future. More specifically, schools, state legislation, and federal governments must not be the authority regarding what is a reasonable body weight; for placing ungodly judgment upon such malleable clay. These organizations should absolutely not try to mandate obesity regulations on students, for it is merely straying from their respective purposes, for the presented data are much too narrowly scoped, for it is a mental battle that must only be battled with love. If childhood obesity can even be considered an issue relative to the trillions of dollars in debt or foreign relations, it can only be fixed at home. These three powers have already invested too much time in their fruitless labor. Schools and governments are the very figures of fear and oppression in the eyes of the youth; it is an insensitive and miscalculated approach. To need educational, state, and national interference in such an issue is laughable; it is the family who can decide how much weight is truly healthy.
      It is not the right of any school, state, or national power to decide the eating habits of innocent children, and then savagely thrust said...

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