Childhood Obesity Essay

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Childhood Obesity Nico Wall ENG 122 Renee Gurley 12-30-11 Parents and the Government should exercise their power to come together to end this problem of childhood obesity. It would help put an end to most of the countries health issues that the country is facing. The problem with childhood obesity is somebody needs to step and say no more to this problem of kids eating to much of the wrong foods and not exercising enough. How can they end this problem of childhood obesity, they ask a lot of question that have no real answer but they are working towards coming up with a solution to end are possibly slow down this curable dieases. The importantance of ending childhood obesity is to save kids lives and maintain their healthy existence teach them that they need to have better eating habits and that they have exercise in their lives to continue to have long prosperous lives. I plan to use Google to help me with my research on childhood obesity, and use some of the medical field knowledge to have a stronger backing of my claim to support childhood obesity. I also have looked into what the government has decided to do if anything to stop, slow down childhood obesity. I found that Google is a great place to find suitable topics for my argument on childhood obesity in America. I’m using sites such as,,, and The results I’ve found so far is that childhood obesity is a problem America and it is going worse unless we as parents and the government steps up and takes control of this situation. Parents have realize that they have the power to help solve this problem by reducing the number of time they go eat at this fast food resuarants and the greasy foods and sweets. The Government can step by making these schools change up their lunch menus and get the schools more involved in their gym

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