Childhood Obesity Essay

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Amanda Green 08 September 2010 Obesity In American Children, A Social Problem There is an alarming rise in childhood obesity throughout the United States, making it an epidemic in our country. Over the past thirty years obesity has continued to increase, and become a threat to the health of many children. Since the 1970s obesity has doubled in children from the ages of two to five, and young adults between the ages of twelve and nineteen. I was reading in health magazine, were I found, approximately nine million children over the age of six are obese. A few reason why our children are over weight in America are fast food restaurants, parents, and even the area of where the child lives. However, parents can change childhood obesity by changing their lifestyles. They could eat healthier, exercise more, and place their children in sports. ;;l’’’’;kkkkjh;/’/ \[iop[[‘[ Fast f9. ,‘ ood obesity is a problem because a fast food meal contains low quality carbohydrates; high levels of saturated fat, white bread, and a sugary soda and also has relatively low fiber content. This kind ;lponbnbnbnbnnbbnbmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmbbnbnmmbkof eating pattern entirely gives a Inuuk/ljhnegative effect, which resulted cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the United States. The fast food market seeks to lure in children of all ages. They give the young children toys with their meals and the older children just see it as something fast and cheap. Most parents choose fast food for the same reason. They may see it as a fast fix for when it’s late in the evening and they are tired it just seems much easier to run through the drive through. Parent’s don’t really realize that they are making our children obese and giving them health problems. Maybe if we, as grown adults, could change the way we eat it would change the way our children are eating

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