Childhood Obesity Essay

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April 26, 2010 Childhood Obesity: The Causes for the Epidemic Childhood obesity has been making a lot of headlines in recent months. Liang (2002), an RN and Diabetes Research Nurse for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, reports that in the 1980s we started to notice the incline in weight gain which can be linked to the societal and cultural changes within the country. In late 2001, according to Ruskin and Schor (2005), Ruskin is the Director of Commercial Alert and Schor is a Professor of Sociology at Boston College, a Surgeon General reported the issue on obesity as an epidemic. There are many factors in which can be contributed to obesity. Scientific studies have gradually begun to reveal these potential causes for childhood obesity in order to better inform out nation (Newby, 2007). The three main contributing factors of childhood obesity are lack of physical activity, lack of a well balanced diet, and genetic predisposition. The first underlying cause of childhood obesity and the most plausible is the lack of sufficient physical activity and energy expenditure or just plain lack of exercise. There are several explanations as to why children are not receiving enough physical activity in order to stay at a healthy weight. The largest contributors to a sedentary state are the increasingly popular video games and television. Many parents work during the day while the children are at home unsupervised. The television and video game system is a babysitter for the child s while at home alone. . According to Armstrong (2003) after conducting a study for a medical journal for Proceedings of the Nutritional Society, the conclusion was made that watching more than eleven hours of television a week can be a strong contributor to weight gain in pre-adolescents Many situations when the parent is not home when the child gets home from school represents a situation

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