Childhood Obesity Essay

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Running Head: Childhood Obesity in The United States 1 Childhood Obesity in The United States Childhood Obesity In the United States 2 Abstract Childhood obesity has developed an increasing epidemic. In the United States alone reports of obesity have relentless to growth in over thirty states. Main contributing causes to this steady rise are lack of exercise and nutrition. There has also been a growth in popularity among the minorities to include African Americans and Hispanic children. Obese children are at danger for evolving medical and psychological consequences if left untreated. Many social and environmental influences have damagingly influenced the physical activity and eating habits of US children and adolescents. Financial and time pressures force many families to reduce food costs and meal preparation time, causing in enlarged consumption of terrible choices of convenience foods that are great in calories and fat. In fact, fast-food restaurants are usually focused in neighborhoods containing schools and consequently young customers. Children are also targeted when it comes to junk food advertisements. As a result of these and many other factors, childhood obesity has got epidemic proportions. Childhood obesity increases the danger of numerous acute and chronic medical conditions as well as psychological problems, all of which can continue into adulthood and harmfully affect value and quality of life. Obese children can suffer from orthopedic complications such as: abnormal bone growth, degenerative disease, and pain. They are also more expected to have low self-esteem, causing depression and suicidal thoughts, and to engage in substance abuse. Childhood Obesity in the United States 3 Definition of the Health Issue Childhood obesity is a very

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