Childhood Obesity Essay

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Childhood Obesity Unit 9 Project Shannon Charlton CM 107 Obesity is a severe health condition especially for children. Obesity is when you have a body mass index above the 95 percentile. Every age group has a specific designated weight range. When the range for a certain body type is more than 10% over, then that is when the child is considered obese. This can cause major health risks for children later in life. According to “Data and Statistics” approximately 17% of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese. (2012) Rates of childhood obesity can decrease if everyone becomes more aware of the risks, the parents learn how to maintain their children’s weight, and by having the community as a whole get the governments involved to help. When a child is considered obese they not only are at risk of other health conditions now but even more so during their adult years. Being obese as a child with no improvement made; leaves them at a higher risk of staying obese throughout their lives. So “Obesity in Children” states that the children are at risk right now for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, bone problems, skin diseases, and diabetes. (2012) Obesity triggers diabetes because of our sugar intake. Our bodies have natural insulin that flow through our bloodstream and when a person has high blood pressure or high cholesterol they become insulin resistant. The major health problem obese people are prone to is the failing of the heart. When a person is considered obese it means they have a larger body mass then an average weight person. So when a person is obese it then makes the heart have to work harder. It works harder because of the pressure of the blood being pushed throughout the body. These are all conditions that obese people need to watch out for. Birch & Fisher have implied that helping parents understand the

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