Childhood Obesity Essay

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CHILDHOOD OBESITY The research topic that will be discussed is childhood obesity; childhood obesity is the number one cause of diabetes in children today. It has reached epidemic proportion; worldwide approximately twenty two million children under five years of age are overweight ( Rocchini, A.P par. 1, March 14 2002). The number of overweight children in the United States has more than double during the past three decades. The reason I am doing a research on childhood obesity because is to inform millions of parents with children to understand that this is a deadly disease that can stay with you throughout your adult hood, and it is best to take care of it while you are at a young age. I plan to discuss childhood obesity and the relation it have with diabetes. The symptoms and warning signs to look for in Type 2 Diabetes, also some steps you can take to prevent diabetes. The research has shown that foods and beverages available in schools have a significant impact on children’s diets and their weight, and how childhood obesity can be prevented by changing their diet. In fact children and adolescents consume more than 35 percent of their daily calories at school. That why replacing junk foods sugary drinks and high-fat milks with healthier options is a critical strategy for improving children’s diets and reversing the childhood obesity epidemic. In the last three years the government has made dramatic changes in the cafeteria foods; it has gone from frying food to baking most of their food. They have taken all the defrayers out of the school, they have limit the sweets the children can intake. A review of the best evidence available shows that removing unhealthy foods and beverages from schools can help improve children’s diets and possibly lower their risk for obesity. The research review was produce by Healthy Eating Research and

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