Childhood Obesity Essay

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CHILDHOOD OBESITY The problem of childhood obesity is growing rapidly all over the world. Children began eating more when they don’t have much to do if any. The more television children watch the less exercise they tend to get. Less exercise comes from not being as active as they should be. Most children usually are playing outside; which consist of their exercise as a child. Obesity becomes a problem for children when the food they eat stores as fat and don’t get burn off with some activity. Obesity causes an illness which comes with emotional distress. Children need help to detect and prevent obesity. Parents and Guardians all cross the country need to make health and wellness a major priority for children. “Understanding the causes of childhood obesity, determining what to do about them, and taking appropriate action require attention to what influences eating behaviors and physical activity levels because obesity prevention involves a focus on energy balance (Kaplan, J. et. al 2005 p.2).” Help maintaining a healthy life from childhood obesity is protecting the life of the adult the child is becoming. Childhood obesity has a lot of risk; which is caused by so any diseases and can be prevented with the help of exercise, family and eating right. The first few years of life, children gain fat faster than they do muscle. As the fat storage increases so does the number of fat cells. Obese children may have three times the number of fat cells as children of normal weight. The number of fat cells remains almost constant throughout their adult life. If children start a healthy life, obesity wouldn’t be an issue. The fat cells will be burned off the help of exercise and eating right. In fact, if children burn more energy than the food they take in they want even have that many fat cells to burn anyway. There wouldn't been nowhere to store the cells in the body.

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