Childhood Obesity Essay

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Childhood Obesity Martha Ontiveros ENG 122 Instructor: Hope Umansky March 21, 2011 Obesity happens when a person takes in more calories than what the body uses. It can be influenced by hereditary factors, bad eating habits, cultural influences and environmental surroundings. Obesity now affects children, and it has become a serious problem in the United States. Every aspect, from higher technology in the big world of the internet which in most instances replaces physical activity, to cheaper and conveniently accessible fast foods, together contribute to this epidemic. Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions, and the two main components are physical inactivity and improper nutrition. These two factors, together, are the most common preventable cause of death, accounting for 15% of deaths in 2007, estimating their life expectancy will be seriously diminished and the quality of life will be sacrificed (Department of Health, press release May 5, 2010). There is currently a major focus on health education and prevention, with child obesity continuing to be the center of attention and a major issue for discussion. The United States government has made great efforts to get involved, it has created several programs over the recent years to assist a large number of support levels across the country in healthcare, education and prevention, with a major emphasis in incorporating schools in the education effort to improve children’s chances of a healthier future. “A year ago, First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Let's Move! Campaign from the front lawn of the White House” (Semansky, 2011). The First Lady seeks to promote public awareness to involve parents in the improvement of their children’s health and their own through education, getting healthier foods in schools, improving access to healthful and affordable food and

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