Childhood Obesity Essay

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The topic that I have decided to do my research paper on will be childhood obesity. This topic was chosen because it is relatable and it is a growing concern for the children in our society today. I feel that this will be an interesting topic because it is a well know issue, but we do not think about the effects that it has on children and adolescents. There are many people in today’s society that are obese and it is commonplace to see children that are overweight as well. This topic has a very broad range, therefore to limit the topic I have decided to talk about the long term effects. There are hosts of effects that being obese as a child can lead to. Evidence is convincing that childhood obesity is not a transient developmental phenomenon, but one that sustains adverse consequences over the entire life span. (Spruijt-Metz, 2011) When discussing obesity, most people do not think about the adverse effects on children; more thought is directed to the adults, who are not eating healthy or exercising. Children and adolescents look to adults to feed them and if we as adults are not eating healthy then of course our children are going to follow suit. We have to implement healthy eating and exercise into their daily lives. I will discuss any preventative measures or treatments that can rectify the issue or help weight management before it becomes a problem. Children need to become more active with sports or even just playing outside, rather than being inside and watching television. The argumentative point that I will talk about is the parent’s role in childhood obesity; are they to blame? There are many factors that lead to childhood obesity. Starting a child off in the right direction towards healthy eating starts at birth, studies have shown that breastfeeding helps protect infants from becoming obese children. Parents can also teach children about portion sizes and

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