Childhood Obesity Essay

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Running Head: CHILDHOOD OBESITY CAMPAIGN Childhood Obesity Campaign University of Washington Tacoma THLEAD 320, Section A June 1 2012 In this paper we will discuss the objective of this project in this public health campaign for childhood obesity. The purpose of this project is to address childhood obesity in low income African American families in the Hilltop Community of children ages six through twelve by promoting a healthy diet and active life style, through decreasing fast foods to two times a week, incorporating some physical activities two times a week and eating two vegies/fruits a day. According to Sealy (2010), childhood obesity has doubled in the last thirty years with its biggest toll on minority families, particularly that of African Americans. Due to this research, this campaign will focus on African American children in low income families by encouraging healthy eating habits and some level of activity for a healthier and longer life. Promotions in this campaign that will support this behavior change will be accomplished through one on one activities such as free mentoring workshops for parents so they too can be mentors, counseling, and volunteer nutritionists educating the parents about proper nutrition. Analysis of research Childhood Obesity is one of the most difficult challenges currently facing our community. Over the past few decades, changes in our communities, neighborhoods and schools have made it difficult for children to eat a healthy diet and be active at the same time thus the alarming growth of childhood obesity (Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2011). Increased weight in children puts them at risk of developing chronic illnesses and a lower quality of life with poor health results (Sealy 2010). In 2003 the national rate of obesity related expenses reached $75 billion in

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