Childhood Obesity Essay

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Physical and health Education can help reduce childhood obesity Kevin Curry English 122 Richard Schnoll 3/26/2012 Childhood obesity is at an all time high, in-fact the research shows that one in four children are obese in the United States. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the obesity rates from the years 1976 to 2009 have risen from 5% to 18.1%. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011) Yet there has been no significant plan of action to help reduce these outrageous obesity rates. There are many causes for our countries obesity problems but our main problem stems from the lack of physical and health education in our public school systems. If kids understood at a younger age how important their health is, they might be able to make healthier lifestyle choices. Creating a healthy eating environment is only the beginning, promoting physical activity is also a key part of reducing childhood obesity rates. “The food and physical activity choices made every day effect short- and long-term health and are directly related to weight outcomes.” (Sanchez, Parker, Burns, Catherine, 2009 p. 49) The most common reasons for childhood obesity is poor food choices, lack of physical activity, low income communities, and lack of education. If our public school systems implemented physical and health education our kids would make better choices when it comes to food and exercise. “Obesity is generally defined as the abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat in adipose tissue to the extent that health may be impaired.” (Kiess, Wieland M, Wabitsch C, Martin, 2004, pg. 1) To measure a child's body fat content we use a tool called BMI which stands for body mass index. BMI uses percentiles based off of a child's age and growth and indicates a relative position of the child’s BMI against

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