Childhood Obesity Essay

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Running Head: CHILDHOOD OBESITY Childhood Obesity Mattie Elliott ENG 122 Instructor, Jessica Ruddick January 9, 2012 Childhood obesity is a serious public health problem in the United States. It causes excess weight which lead to medical and psychosocial disorders in children. Childhood obesity is a serious public health problem in the United States. Excess weight lead to medical and psychosocial disorders in children, there is a strong link between childhood obesity and adult obesity. The consumption of fast foods has had a direct impact on the increase in childhood obesity among American youth. Obesity in children is defined by how much the child exceeds the recommended weight for his or her age, sex, and height. Childhood obesity is one of the most dangerous disease young people can have in today’s society. What is Obesity? Obesity is a condition where body fat affects children health and wellbeing. They say,” obesity is mostly a case from over eating”. Childhood obesity affects children at school, home and in the communities. In the United States childhood obesity rate has double for adolescent and preschoolers and has more than triple for children ages 6-11. (Mayo Clinic, 2008). There are many societal influences on children’s eating and calorie expenditure (physical activity), and it is not helpful to focus on blaming the child or the family. “Childhood obesity results from individual children eating more calories than they burn, the underlying reasons for this are complex and many operate at levels beyond the control of the individual child or family .Preventing obesity, or even slowing the dramatic rate of increase in obesity prevalence, will require societal changes to help the modification of diet and physical activity by both children and their families”. (Kumanyika, 2001) Schools lunches and

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