Childhood Obesity Essay

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Childhood Obesity Tara Krause October 9, 2011 English 122 GSD1139C Kayla Ward Childhood Obesity Introduction Within the last 50 years childhood obesity has become a major issue in the United States. 30 years ago childhood obesity was very rare to see, now in recent years it has changed to one in every six child (Isaacs, S., & Swartz, a. 2010). Serious health issues can occur from obesity, as well as death, unless helped this can remain for a lifetime. Obesity in adolescents needs to be targeted and helped so they don’t have to suffer with health problems for a lifetime. (BMI) Body mass index is what measures childhood obesity. BMI is calculated by the child’s height and weight. They determine a child’s weight by their age and sex. Some of the causes of childhood obesity will be explained and what is being done worldwide to prevent childhood obesity and its health issues. There are some states that are debating whether or not they are going to eliminate soda/vending machines in schools, but is this a good idea or not? Are fast food restaurants one of the issues with childhood obesity? Is there more that parents can do to prevent childhood obesity? Methods You can obtain a lot of data about childhood obesity. When doing research on childhood obesity there is a lot of information on the subject so one will have to limit the topic. Proquest is one of the most reliable resources that one can use from Ashford’s online library. Proquest is and was very useful for almost all of the research. Proquest is a database where someone can find articles, journals, news boards, etc. about any research topics. Researching on the internet can be very useful also. There are many search engines that can help with the research that is being conducted. With the internet having a lot of reliable and non-reliable sources, Proquest had the most recent information

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