Childhood Love lessons

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Love is very crucial to a child’s life especially to infants. Love is not only needed by children, but also by adults. Adults know they will get lonely if they do not get love. Some adults might even go into depression. Imagine what would happen to a child if he or she did not get the love they needed. If you do not learn how to love in childhood, you will never learn. “We learn about love in our childhood.” (hooks, paragraph 1). We have to give love to receive love. “But love will not be present if the grown-ups who parent do not know how to parent.” (hooks, paragraph 4). Everyone loves only in one type of language. Everyone speaks a different language at home, but the love everyone gives and receives is the same. A child who is Chinese and a child which is French say “hello” differently, but loves the same. When child gets a new toy from his or her parents, the child loves the parents very much. After the parents get the love, the parents return the love. The parents also start the love because if the parent did not love the child, the parents would never buy the present. Sometimes people who did not receive love as a child what for love to come to them before they return it. A man might wait for an “I love you,” from a girl before he returns it. He probably would be afraid that she does not like him. I am sure this happens to everybody who has not been loved by their parents. Children being abused say that they love their parents, despite the fact they are being abused. It should be every parent’s goal to love their children and the children should return the favor. This will probably make this world a better place to live in. sometimes parents still love their children but still abuse them. This is because they either do not know how to love or they were being abused when they were a child. People who do not know how to love just abuse their
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