Childhood Innocence and Realities Meet

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When childhood innocence and adult realities meet, there is crisis and chaos. Childhood realties can be both a graceful experience and a traumatic one. As children nothing seems to bother us at all, the things we do can have little to no consequences at all. For me as a child it was some of the best memories in my life, experiences like riding your bike for the first time or that first family holiday at the beach. Life is just perfect and when you grow older you can realise how good times really were back then. Although the times were good, they do not last. The cruel world of adulthood rapidly takes over and you lose all those good times that you wish you still had. You can get stuck between a fantasy reality (childhood) and the real world (adulthood), and when this happens there can be a time of crisis and chaos. Imagination is a thing that gets lost as you grow older. Imagination is defined as growing new thoughts and ideas that aren’t present to the five senses of our body. It slowly fades out as you get older. Apart from imagination previous life experiences can affect your ability to have a steady adult life. Traumatic events that occur in your early life have a way of coming back to haunt you. Things like mental illness from childhood such as bulling, physical abuse and physiological harm are all things that can impact you in a way that makes your childhood reality become and control your adult way of life. When this happens you find yourself becoming more and more worried about what has previously gone by as opposed to what lies ahead for you in the future. Your interaction with others will suffer due to your lack of ability to get over what has already occurred previously in your life time. The world is a cruel place for those suffering from mental illnesses, with life pushing and twisting you into all different paths, but there is help out there.
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