Childhood Immunizations Essay

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Ashley Hoover Instructor Kendy Writing 121 February 7th 2013 Childhood Immunizations: preventing widespread diseases Valerie rushed her four-year-old son Jacob into the emergency room; something wasn't right. Test results came back positive for a severe case of the measles; he was immediately admitted to the hospital and put in isolation. Valerie didn't understand how her son could have caught the disease, then she remembered years back when Jacob was one, she had signed a application exempting him from a set of childhood vaccinations. Looking back Valerie could have avoided her situation had she been better informed on the possible consequences. More information and better education on the issue could have saved her son and other children he may have spread this to, from the traumatic and life threatening experience. Therefore, childhood immunizations should be mandatory to eliminate the spread of dangerous diseases. Despite over whelming facts that vaccinations are safe, more and more parents are exempting their children from required childhood vaccination schedules. The nation’s heightened media attention on the rare side effects are chipping away at parents' trust, causing the gaps in the vaccine coverage we see today. Therefore, we are seeing increased cases of illnesses that were once thought to be under control. A great example of this is Pertussis, or whooping cough. We have seen more than three times the amount of cases of this illness just since the 1980s.(Weinstein 13) The alarming increase of occurrences proves that we need to act now to prevent the unnecessary spread of vaccine preventable diseases. Thanks to the success of vaccines, diseases that once had deadly and devastating effects on our communities have been eliminated. Parents don't have the fear that our generations in the past had, because we don't see these devastating diseases

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