Childhood Immunization Essay

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Crismery Gomez Professor Anne Redlin ENG 122-76 11 December 2010 Childhood Immunization Introduction: On March 26 of 2010 my first child was born. A healthy boy name Matthew Daniel Gomez opened his eyes in front of me and gave the greatest joy of my life. Before and after that day, there were so many questions and just a few answers. Nevertheless, every day, each question was answered by itself or by family members especially our parents. However, when Matthew turned one month old, I took him to the pediatrician for his regular monthly visit, a horrible day for any parent especially a new parent. For some reason I was so scared, more than likely it was the fear to hear that something could be wrong with the baby. They weighted and measured him, at the end they had check every little part of his small body; fortunately, everything was ok. Then the 3-month-old visit came, that was when he had his first immunization set which consist in three injections and one oral vaccine. That day he cry uncomfortable to the point that tears came out of me as well. Just like he was, I was so confuse and did not know what to do about it. Once again just like when Matthew was born, I had more question than answers. Do all this vaccines really work? What are the side effects involve in every vaccine? What are the risks on each vaccine? Is it ok to get many shots at once and at such a young age? Of course, none of my family members was able to clearly answer any of those questions for me. Therefore, I asked Matthew’s pediatrician, I’m sure she was use to answering my questions because she had more than likely answer the same questions many times. She provided me with a good amount of brochures that contain information about most of the vaccines that Matthew will be receiving during his first years. Although these brochures were filled with good information

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