Childhood Health Promotion Intervention

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Childhood health promotion intervention plan Student name Institution affiliation Introduction Childhood obesity prevalence rates have doubled up in the last decade and according to WHO about 170 million children under 18 years are considered to be overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is mostly associated with poor objective and subjective health which often find its way into adulthood. This in turn leads to soaring health care costs due to the health complications related to obesity thus affecting economic growth. Due to these consequences, government and other concerned social institutions are focusing their attention on preventing childhood obesity (Kaplin, 2011). Health promotion to combat childhood obesity is therefore needed to avoid childhood obesity and the medical risks associated with obesity. The theoretical structure that will be used is the behavior change wheel which would guide research on health promotion techniques to prevent obesity. The behavior change wheel is a conceptual framework by Michie et al. which was developed using a broad review of existing structures.This framework requires the identification of behaviors that need to be introduced so as to develop and promote public health policies. Policy experts have argued that significant health promotion could be achieved by involving all levels of the society including those within and those outside the health sector schools Goals and objectives The childhood obesity health promotion is very crucial to create awareness about the increasing prevalence of the childhood obesity cases. The principal purpose of the awareness campaigns is to sensitize the community on adopting best feeding practices so as to avoid the occurrence of obesity in young children. In order to achieve the required results in the community campaign, the goals must be realizable and concrete. The use of

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