Childhood Family Traditions Essay

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Childhood Family Tradition My family is always searching for more traditions to add into our life. Every holiday consists of many fun and corny traditions. We’ve built all these traditions from our innocent childhood days. One memory that has always lingered in the back of my head was Saturday nights at my dad’s house consisting of ice cream, Blockbuster, and the nearby park. My sister and I spent every weekend at our father’s house. During the day we helped our dad and step-mom run the family restaurant. My father had still been sick at the time and my step-mom was portrayed more as a nurse than a wife for my father. After the long working hours my sister and I grew antsy for the usual evening fun to begin. When pancakes for dinner ended, the words that clouded our minds the whole week flew out, “Can we go to the park now?” Dad was normally in bed by now, watching his Bollywood films and kicking up a notch on the heating pad while we got ready. I always asked what flavor ice cream my dad wanted, although I knew exactly what he wanted because his absolute favorite was. The shopping center wasn’t even a block away from our house, so we strolled along the sidewalk talking about how “lazy” Dad was. We went to each store in order: Blockbuster, Baskin Robbins, then off to swinging and rolling down grass hills at the nearby park. To no surprise, our beloved step-mom new exactly what we would rent “Bartok the Magnificent” and “Swan Princess”. After religiously ordering Pink Bubblegum, Cherries Jubilee, Daiquiri Ice and Vanilla ice cream my sister and I raced to the park. She of course beat me by a long shot with the four extra years she had on me. When our skin started to itch from the prickly grass and the sugar high wore off; the three of us walked back home all holding hands. We returned with the almost melted Classic Vanilla ice cream for Dad, then put in the

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