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Childhood Experience Essay

  • Submitted by: brightcolor
  • on February 23, 2012
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Nowadays the more society has developed, the more kinds of entertainment we will enjoy. These amusements help us gain both physical and mental fitness after many days of hardwork. However, some types of awful entertainment also make a bad impact on human’s life.
              As for me, my favorite interest is fishing. I still remembered clearly my childhood as I was about six or seven years old. One day, I accidentally ran into my grandfather preparing his fishing tool, and my whole family had a fantastic fish soup at that day. I really got my excitement when my grandfather allowed me to go fishing with him in the first time.
              Early in the morning, all of us walked along the paddy-field in full bloom. Having got out home and kept pace with nature, I felt relaxed among the various full of colors of flowers and sweet- smelling odors. The sweet smell of corns filled my head. I followed my grandfather. Finally we found the fishing ground. It was a huge lotus lake that lotus seeds had just been harvested, only lotus stems were seen emerging from the surface of water. I was looking around the scenery when my grandfather cast the line. On the gentle surface of the lake, I saw a lot of bubbles which, according to my grandfather’s explanation, were created by fish. All of a sudden, my grandfather pulled strongly his fishing rod. Oh, my God! The hook was stuck with a enormous fish. I screamed loudly with full of happiness while my grandfather seized the fish and put it in the bag.
              My grandfather taught me how to choose a fishing rod and suitable bait. I took a deep breath while my eyes were concentrated on the float. Time passed slowly, by then suddenly, I felt my fishing rod shaking in my hand and the float sank under the surface. I quickly pulled the fishing rod out of the water. Unbelievable! on my hook was stuck a carp as big as my handpalm.
              Over ten years go by and my grandfather passed away, but the passion for fishing...

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