Childhood Development - Spanking

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Adult Interview Paper Subject: Spanking – Both sides of the argument. ECE 312/PSYC 372 On-Line November 19, 2009 1. Introduction: The topic of my paper is the exploration of the pros and cons of spanking. My subjects are ES and CT. Erik is my son. He is 32 years old and a single father of Avery, who has just turned four. Chancellor is a good friend of mine and a former colleague. He is 40 years old and is a single parent of an 11 year old girl, Mariana. The main similarity of my subjects is that they are both single fathers who are very involved with the raising of their children and both children are female. Their role as a parent is a job they take seriously and they both want to contribute to the discipline of their children. I predict that they will have similar strong feelings about raising female children and their responsibilities as fathers. My approach is to show the differences inherent in family history and cultural differences. My hypothesis is that there will be a significant difference in the discipline styles of these two men and how they view the practice of spanking. Both will emphasis the importance of the male role models in their girls’ lives and how they are responsible for influencing their future behavior as well as their relationships with men. The main difference I think I will discover is that their approach to teaching their children right and wrong will be very different. I predict that Erik will have a more relaxed attitude, while Chancellor will be more stringent about his beliefs and discipline practices. Interview: ES, October 27, 2009 1. Do you think Spanking is an appropriate method of discipline? Erik: No, I don’t think spanking is a very effective form of discipline. It’s pretty outdated and barbaric in my opinion. I don’t think an adult should every hit a child…there are other ways to
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