Childhood Essay

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Putting great emphasis on the importance of a person childhood-the time from birth to twelve years of age,I think that"wherther a person spends the crucial couple childhood years in a happy-go-lucky way has to do with he or her whole life both physically and psychologically". Our childhood played important role in forming our psychology .These years determine what kind of a person we will become in the future regardless of its toughness or happiness. The early year are the time when we learn about relationships. First, we learn about our parents and siblings, and then about rest of the world. We learn how to respond to others based on the treatment we are given. There are no way to experience love ,for we all experience love in different ways. If we are loved ,then we know how to love others. If we are maltreated in our childhood ,more often than not , we may grow up to treat others harshly . As a matter of fact, these examples are defying enumeration. They have been proved either experimentally and empirically .Most important , from my point of view, these are year when we develop our ethic sense of what is right and wrong through our formal education. Anything we try to do later will be undermined by our lack of morality which its formation is based on our childhood. On the other hand, the period of childhood is a very vital stage for a child to grow up physically. At this special stage, the main organs of our body and their functions begin to develop and become mature gradually and this stage matters a lot regarding laying a sound foundation for the teenage stage as well as our whole life. I remember I read a quote that went something like” Child is the father of the man” So , although a person grows and changes for the better throughout the many stages of life, I believe that the most important years of person’s life is laid in those first few years of life

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