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Vivian Bormey Carlos Albizu University Psychology of Infancy and Childhood Journal Entry #1 “Exploring the Mental Life and Home Life of Children: The Role of a Television History” This journal article discusses how the role of television throughout the ages, have had an influence in children, their mental life and their life in the home. Some effects of the media and television on children has been debated over the years, however, there is not much debate on how persistent this seems to have on their lives. For the most part, this is what these children spend most of their waking time doing. Engaging the child into talking about what they are seeing on television and the media, allows for an in depth look into what they are thinking and may be feeling, as well as what may be going on in the home and how they view not only themselves, but their family as well, which can somewhat be easier than having a therapy session with them, since they don’t feel very trustful of the therapists. To get a better understanding of what might be a child’s feelings and thoughts, it is a good idea to talk to children about stories they find interesting. In order to do this, it is important to as certain sets of three questions. Here are the following sets of questions, as per the article: 1. What is your favorite show, and who is your favorite character? Why do you like that character? 2. How much TV do you watch? Where do you watch TV? With whom do you watch? 3. Are there any rules imposed on the amount of television you watch? Does anyone limit the amount of TV you watch? Does anyone limit the content you watch? Are there any limits on where you watch TV? Do you have a TV in your room? Can you watch TV any time you want? All these questions will give answers about what the child likes or dislikes. What their hopes and dreams may be. It may also have

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